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Armas Filomeno Martial Arts is a progressive system that incorporates techniques and philosophies from a vast amount of arts. The main three arts that we use are Kali (Filipino martial art based off the blade), Jun Fan (Bruce Lee's signature art), and Silat (Indonesian martial art). Other arts including Sambo, BJJ, Savate, Shoot Wrestling, and Wing Chun. 


    Included in the system are healing arts that can be on par as the abilities of chiropractors. The main purpose of Armas Filomeno Martial Arts is to combine and compare techniques and theories assosiated with the diffrent arts, then make those techniques work for the student. Every student has their own skill sets, advantages, and disadvantages, but this system puts together techniques from diffrent sources to make the students see past their disadvantages and make those weaknesses their strength.




Promoting Sensory and Cognitive Enhancement
CPR / First Aid
Jeet Kune Do
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